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Temple, TX

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Success!  While I won't win any carpentry awards, the WKs are up and look great!  It took a why for the cats to figure out just what they are but as you can see they're settling in just fine.  😊  Thanks again for making the perfect solution to our problem!

The Cool Cat Clan Loves WindowKitty®

We have had the WindowKitty since last fall and just love it. Our older cats, Sammy & Smokey took to it right away and then soon it became a safe spot for Chloe. She has some anxiety issues so finding a spot for her to feel safe was huge, the WindowKitty was it. Of course she has to battle her brothers each morning, but she owns it at night.  Installation was easy, product is very sturdy and does exactly what we expected. Of course not only is the inside of the WindowKitty popular but the top too! Our cats do not weigh more than 15 lbs and the WindowKitty holds them both inside and on top easily.  Definitely in the market for more soon. Just have to rearrange some living room furniture.

Thank you for offering this great product!

Ron & Anna Johnson
The Cool Cat Clan

Apollo Loves his WindowKitty®

Window Kitty is his favorite place to sleep. A birdhouse is right outside the window. He LOVES his napping place!


My new favorite place

Six love kitties...

Sandy, 18lbs: she is the largest, white with black stops.

Misty, 14.1lbs, she is black with little stops of white.

Luckiest, 14.6lbs, she is tan.

Suzie, 10.8lbs, she is the little one, and is tabby.

The two boys are not pictured.

Missy loves her new WindowKitty

Missy loves her new WindowKitty

Missy loves her new WindowKitty

...installed it tonight.  She jumped right in and hasn't moved!!!

Smokeybone Barnyard

26 Pounds!