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If You've Been Following Us...

If you've been following us you'll know that Brian and I have been working on QVC requirements for some time.   Back in 2013 I submitted our product as a QVC Sprout product on QVC's website.  At this time we only had a 3D printed prototype and a Kickstarter campaign.  Obviously we weren't market ready and we weren't ready to be a QVC Sprouts product.  Years passed, during which time we manufactured WindowKitty®, Registered the Trademark and received our Patent!  Additionally we were developing our social media and making a lot of mistakes in marketing & advertising, which  continues today! 



In 2015 a friend of ours told us about the Today Shows Next Big Thing.  If you haven't heard about this, it is the Today Show and QVC embarking on country-wide search with QVC to find the latest and greatest products.  (I did a quick search and they still do this.)  I checked into it and entered! Eventually, we were notified that while we weren't one of the "Next Big Things" QVC thought we would be a great QVC Sprout product and sent us information.  We read through the packet and were overwhelmed with the requirements.  At this time we did not have our manufactured product, we were still in the tooling phase.  Brian and I decided not to move forward with QVC at that time.  


Another year passed and Brian and discussed reaching back out to QVC to see if we could still take advantage of this opportunity.  Yes, we could!  We went through the requirements and were not overwhelmed this time. We learned a lot in the previous year! We started working through the packet, starting with the 3rd party product testing.  After the testing we went through QVC's quality assurance process.  Right now I believe QVC's quality assurance has made WindowKitty® better!


In addition to meeting requirements, we had to win the vote against other products. We were hopeful that we could win as cat lovers usually unite and are very supportive to other cat lovers.  We did win and it was very exciting!  I am trying to remember, but I think we were conducting 3rd party testing during the voting.  If we did not win the vote, we still wanted to do the 3rd party testing because of the confidence the testing gives and we weren't exact on how much weight WindowKitty® could hold and that was our most popular question.  It was a surprise to learn its over 85 pounds, with proper installation!


Six months after winning the vote, we met the requirements and received our first Purchase Order.  We decided not to share the Purchase Order until the freight was picked up.  It has been hard not to share because we have been working hard on getting the products ready (with love) for the last month to ship to QVC.  Here are some pictures showing what we were doing.  While I've shared a few of these pictures, I didn't mention the Purchase Order.  


Once we had all the products processed we put the required labels on and stacked them on pallets.  We had to have the right labels on each product box as well as an overall pallet label.  We then stacked them properly on the pallets and wrapped them with cellophane for protection!  I am worried that they will fall, but the truck person who picked them up said they were fine, so I'll try not to worry.  Here are pictures of the pallets and pick up.



 We hope the products arrive safely and WindowKitty® does well on QVC.  We will keep you posted on what happens next!  

















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