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moderncat Fave Find for 2017


WindowKitty® is excited to be a moderncat Fave Find for 2017, our second year in a row! We met the awesome moderncat team at CatConLA last year.  They were right around the corner from our booth!


We cannot agree more that WindowKitty® is a Fave Find and we hope you agree!  









So I was lucky to be able to attend a free webinar with 🦈 @thesharkdaymond ~ Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch.  Tons of great information that we'll be using to perfect our pitch.  You really never know that you don't have all the answers until you pitch your product.  We had our first pitching experience back in January and let just say "disaster" and be done with it.  At the end Daymond introduced his new service offering / resources  #daymondondemand - basically Daymond's knowledge at your fingertips.  The thing the resonated with me was the information available in Daymond on Demand for people starting a new business or inventing a product.  


When Brian and I had our idea, which has become WindowKitty® we had no idea where to start or what to do.   We didn't have a resource like this and we would search for information here and there, stumble upon a UPC Code on Walking Dead Trivia card games and be like, do we need one of these??   Nothing was all in one place.   One thing Daymond mentioned was DRTV.  Don't spend the money on these things as 99% fail.  So we did this (smh), the company hit us up early and got us more excited and we already were.  We self-funded our product in the early stages and I was so excited I used 15K of a 401K... From the start it was destined to fail, but they made it seem like we would be in every store in the As Seen on TV aisle... Hindsight being 20/20, I wish we still had that money, I've blocked out all our early costly mistakes (yes there are more.. )


Anyhow, I've been thinking about posting about this since the webinar, if anyone is thinking about a business or product it would be a great resource at a fraction of the cost of what we spent and Daymond gives real world/ real people advice.  



Finally, we are anxiously awaiting if we will be a QVC product.  It has taken us about six months to meet their requirements.  It would be an awesome opportunity for us.  So, we'll keep you posted and let you know what happens.  




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