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Inventors Digest & A Casting Call




The new year has been quite exciting for us! A few months ago we were contacted via email to be featured in an article.  It was exciting because all of the articles that have featured WindowKitty® had been either initiated by us or for a cost.  We did not know about this when we invented WindowKitty®.  I did not realize that some (not all) features are paid for.  Yes, we know "ads" are paid for....Anyhow, it was refreshing to be contacted.  I answered questions and was thrilled when the issue was published.  You can read the issue by clicking the picture!





While scrolling through Facebook one day, I happened upon a post from Lori Greiner, one of the sharks on Shark Tank.  She shared the upcoming Shark Tank Casting calls & locations.  While we think we would be a good Shark Tank product, we've not had any open casting calls in our area.  After completing the rigorous 3rd party product testing--and meeting the requirements--we think we are ready to pursue the casting.  If it was meant to be, then it will be.  


We ended up leaving the night before so we did not chance missing the casting call.  Of course we did not get any sleep in the hotel and were up at 4:00 am to get ready.  We practiced the night before and had some fun bloopers.  I was in line at about 5:20 am while Brian went back to the hotel and checked out.  He then got breakfast and met me in line around 7:00 am.  I think there was about 100 auditions, I am not sure exactly.  We ended up being 12th in line.  We were next to some interesting people with interesting ideas.  We met a group that developed a face-to-name recognition app and then a maid-service, with a neat spin to it.  The "maids" are actually beautiful models...very interesting.  Next, we met a person who had a different way to put caution tape up at accident or traffic sites.  



We were so tired, excited and nervous.  There was a small business expo going on at the same time, so this increased the amount of people there.  We had no expectations, this was our first pitch.  So, we went in and explained WindowKitty® and how we came up with the idea. I am not sure if we presented it well, we were so nervous, but I like to think that we did (as I have replayed the pitch over a thousand times).  We are hopeful that we will progress to the next round.  Notifications take place in about 30 days, giving us plenty of time to playback our pitch in our heads a thousand or more times.  


The casting team only notifies those that make it to the next round, and if you are selected you cannot tell anyone...this makes total sense as I know I look forward each week to see what products and services are on Shark Tank, I think the confidentiality gives the show a certain edge.  Either way we are excited to have had the casting/pitching experience.  


We appreciate everyone who continues to support us and our product.  After the Chinese New Year we will be submitting some design changes to our manufacturer, one is changing the "TM" to "R" as we are a Registered Trademark.  We also hope to get some toys to sell separately.  Finally, through the Quality Assurance process and 3rd Party Product Testing our instructions have changed a bit and we would like to get them professionally printed along with removing the temporary installation.  The temporary installation confuses customers and this product really needs to be installed permanently.  


We hope that if you have any questions you'll contact us at!

















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