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Independent product testing has been completed and we've sent WindowKitty® to QVC for their quality assurance testing.  We sent WindowKitty® to a 3rd party laboratory for testing a few months ago. While 3rd party testing is a requirement for QVC, testing was something Brian and I wanted to do so we can have the assurance that the product does what it was designed to do and that we know how much weight it actually supports.  The weight question is the number one question we are asked by customers.  Testing also made sure our product met U.S. regulations and standards, which is comforting to us!


Surprisingly, the lab technicians installed WindowKitty® permanently and it held up to 90 pounds. Our next problem is how do we advertise that?  Well, we don't.  We didn't manufacture WindowKitty® for a 90 pound cat, just an average house cat.  So, now we can safely say if your cat fits, it sits!  


Next, we are going to be discontinuing our temporary installation.  Years ago this was something I wanted, but honestly WindowKitty® needs to be installed permanently.  Brian and I install it temporary and half-way permanently during our testing, but we are moving forward with updated instructions and we are working on a new installation video.  We hope all of our customers will take the time to read the instructions and install WindowKitty® according to the instructions.  We are also available for any questions and can even install it for you if you are local!




When we had this idea, we were thinking about our cats and our windows.  We used one specific window in our home for all of our prototypes.  We did envision product evolution and knew we could eventually produce a WindowKitty® for different sized popular windows.  We didn't know how far down the road that would be because we've never invented anything and didn't know much about manufacturing.  We've had resource constraints, who doesn't?  It has taken over three years to bring our first version to the market.  We are looking towards improving this version and creating display packaging.




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