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QVC Sprouts~


Brian and I learned about QVC Sprouts about 2.5, maybe 3 years ago (2013 maybe early 2014) when we first started our Kickstarter campaign. We entered WindowKitty® as a Sprout product on QVC's website.  We were really early into working on our product, we had the patent inquiry results and had started work on the patent.  We had a prototype that was 3D printed and not very strong. We couldn't move the prototype very much for fear it would break into pieces.  We weren't selected as a Sprout product and our Kickstarter campaign was not successful.


A few years later, in late 2015, we had a whole bunch of manufactured prototypes around the house and our first order of inventory on the way.  We were alerted to an invention contest on the Today Show by a friend and we were so excited to enter.  We entered but we're not selected. Through entering we were later contacted by QVC for their Sprouts program.  We received all the information and Brian and I decided we weren't ready, it was overwhelming at the time, and did not know where to start!  It was the hardest thing to do because we definitely knew WindowKitty® would make an awesome QVC product.  


A year later, now in 2016, I happened upon an advertisement that QVC was looking for products. Brian and I mulled it over and re-read the paperwork.  We knew that we had to do it and we had learned a lot in the year that had passed.  We read through QVC requirements and knew we could meet them.  We decide to reach back out to QVC and hoped they still felt WindowKitty® was a good fit, and they did!  There was one barrier to entry however...


One of QVC's requirements is quality assurance testing.  We weren't sure if WindowKitty® would pass. We weren't sure of the cost.  During one of our earlier attempts we did get testing quotes and it was expensive!  We also learned we would need to have our weight claim tested. When we invented WindowKitty® we were thinking about our domestic house cats 10 - 13 pounds, not a 35 pound Maine Coon!  When asked how much weight WindowKitty® can support, we know Smudgy Barnard kitty weighing 28 pounds can use it with no issues, if it is permanently installed!  Now after having WindowKitty® tested we have confidence on how much weight it will support.  As of now we are moving in the right direction, testing is coming to a close and voting is active and you can vote through November 11th!


So we are excited to be in consideration as a QVC Sprout product and we need your vote to win and be a part of the QVC family!  We hope that you will support us, please click on the picture above to submit your vote for WindowKitty® and please share with family and friends. It would mean a lot to Brian and me.  ~ Tina 












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