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Temple, TX

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So this happened...


Back in June when Brian and I were at CatCon in LA, we met Kate Benjamin, founder of Hauspanther!  This month she featured WindowKitty® in Hauspanther and its the nicest most put-together article we've ever seen.  It's beautiful!  She used items from our site and it is awesome.  You can view the article here.


We are grateful to be featured in such a highly regarded forum and hope you'll check it out and take advantage of our offer.  In addition to the 10% we are also including shipping in our pricing in the Continental U.S.  

Up next?


Brian and I aren't sure what's next for WindowKitty®.  While we will continue to sell online and attend local shows, we have an opportunity that we are not sure if we are ready to pursue, if we do, you'll be the first to know!  We've also applied to some other opportunities that we are definitely ready for!  


In the entire inventive process, marketing/selling has been the hardest part of all.  There is no one way to advertise, we find it very challenging (and expensive!).



Easy E and Snowball


Brian and I were approached by friends to take in two cats.  Initially, we said no, but then changed our minds.  We have 5 cats already.  We have adopted 6 year old Easy E (Ezma) and 9 year old Snowball.  Easy E is a Bambino Cat and hairless! Snowball is a 9 year old Siamese Munchkin!  

     To integrate these two, we kept them in our spare room with all their items from their previous home, so that they could smell and have familiar things.  After about 5 days I started bringing them out for a tour of the rest of the  house and leaving the door to the room open.  The other cats would occasionally come by.  


Now, it has been almost 2 weeks. Easy E comes out frequently, but Snowball likes to be under our son's bed.  It has drawers, so I put her bed in one of the drawers.   Snowball is so friendly and playful, just a little skittish, so we do not try to push her to come out.  I will carry her out a little, but she'll head back to "her room".


I researched care of the Bambino cat and to date, Easy E has had two baths using Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo.  Then I wipe her ears and eyes with damp cotton balls.  I think she loves the baths and smells great!  We were concerned that our other cats may scratch her skin, but they do not bother her.  She walks around and does her thing and doesn't bother with the other cats.  Its the cutest cat ever. 















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