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Temple, TX

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WindowKitty® is not for you; it's for your cat!



We constantly tag our posts so we can search them.  One night, while searching diligently through social media, I came across a windowkitty hashtag that was pretty negative.  It is taken personally when something two regular people invented receives negative attention.  


I responded to the post that we hoped this person would contact us if there was an issue. The product can be returned.  Long story  short, the product was not installed per the directions.


Brian and I have invested our life savings into this product.  I love it.  I love it installed in my windows.  One day I came home from work and it wasn't in the window.  My windows were naked!  I was like, where is my windowkitty???  Apparently, our kids, who were home from school, had neglected to let our spoiled dogs in when they scratched at the door.  The screened window was open and our beloved dog Cracker decided to jump through the window.  She broke the screen and knocked out windowkitty, which, at the time was a temporarily installed prototype.  I was happy none of our cats escaped through the open window.


Anyhow, what we did is we took something that didn't exist and created it,which in itself is awesome.  It's not be perfect, but we made it with the best intentions in mind.  This will probably be the  only time I admit that our product design company sucked and we learned a lot from getting treated poorly by this company.  We had the product re-designed by a great guy.  Now that we are selling, we are receiving feedback that will be put into the re-design.


Ultimately, windowkitty is designed for a cat, not a human.  Your cat doesn't need a fluffy bed, the mat that comes with windowkitty is fine.  The product, when installed using the instructions does work.  It is made for cats who love enclosed small spaces!! Not humans!


We appreciate all the constructive feedback we receive and we keep it to improve the product!  


Finally, check out our facebook page and enter our giveaway!  Be nice!!

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