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Temple, TX

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Up 'till now...


Up ‘till now I had amassed a small booklet of blogs, and I’m no blogger!  I actually find it sort of funny that I am blogging as earlier this year and a lot last year I was on a mission to seek out the top cat bloggers to get them to endorse WindowKitty® . 


Tonight it was my mission to copy all of my previous blogs from our old website to our new one.  It’s not going to happen as I deleted our last website and all of the content.  It was a decision we made when we created our new site.  The old site kept “popping up” when we were testing out our new site, so I deleted it. 


Since all of our previous blogs are gone, here is a summary of what we’ve done so far to get to this point (I still haven’t made it through that list of cat bloggers):

  • Back in 2008 – We thought up this idea, see the About Us page

  • December 2013 – Patent Search (results were positive, so we decided to pursue the product and a Patent)

  • March 2014 – Began the product design process

  • February 2015 – Began the tooling process

  • May 2015 – Trademark Registered for WindowKitty

  • Attended various cat shows, local fairs, marketing campaigns

  • November 2015 – WindowKitty manufactured!  Unloaded over 700 WindowKitty products! Yay!  We did it!

  • Started selling!

  • November 2015 --Office Action– Sounds exciting, but here we argued some points of our patent

  • December 2015 - Patent allowed (possible victory here)

  • March 2016 – Notice of issue for Patent (don’t celebrate just yet, we do not have it in our hands…)

To be continued…


As you can see WindowKitty has been in the works for many years!  We love it and hope that our customers love it too. 


Coming up:  May 21 and 22: Come see us at the Dallas Pet Expo, we will have a booth!  


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