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Temple, TX

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does WindowKitty® secure to the window?

WindowKitty® installs into the window frame, window sill and the wall underneath the window.  Screws are provided to install the left and right panels, as well as the three bottom panels and support legs.  Please follow the included instructions.  Please see our YouTube video for how to install.  Link is under the Installation tab.
Does WindowKitty® attach or interfere with the window?  
No, with WindowKitty® installed you can open and close your window.  WindowKitty® does not affect window operation.
What size windows will WindowKitty® fit?  
WindowKitty® fits 18.5" to 32.5" windows.  Some of our innovative customers have installed WindowKitty® into larger windows, leaving a space; another customer installed two WindowKitty® cat bed/seats side-by-side in a larger window.  View photos under our Blog tab: Double Kitty!
What are the product dimensions?
  1. Fits popular windows sized from 18.5" to 32.5"
  2. Product Height: 11.1"
  3. Product Depth: 9"
  4. Approximate Weight: 3.9 lbs
  5. Approximate Shipping Weight 6.9 lbs
How much weight will WindowKitty® support?
WindowKitty® has been tested by a  third party independent testing facility and with permanent installation held over 85 pounds.  If your cat fits, it sits!
What does shipping cost?   
WindowKitty® ships to the lower-48 and the District of Columbia.  USPS postal rates are used and you can input your address to calculate your shipping costs.  We prefer the USPS Retail Ground, but other methods may be available in your area.
What keeps it from falling out of the window? Your photo shows deep window ledges but some are not like that.
WindowKitty® does not need a deep ledge.  It attaches to the window frame with screws.   We have a demo window that has no window sill.  WindowKitty® is installed to the frame and wall underneath.
What is WindowKitty® made of?  
Polypropylene (plastic).
Do you have any installation videos?  
Yes!  Please visit our YouTube channel for how to install WindowKitty in windows and also larger windows!
*email us your questions and we will post them here!