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Temple, TX

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The Story

WindowKitty® solved a problem we had many years ago.  Our oldest son, who was about 9 years old at the time, occupied the only front bedroom in the house.  His bedroom window faced the street and our cats were always sitting on the windowsill, pushing the blinds off the ledge or bending and breaking the blinds.  As an immediate solution, we would raise the blinds for the cats. Every day we saw the raised broken blinds as we left or came home.  At night our son did not want to turn his light on because he thought people outside could see in, and so did we!
Later, while remodeling our house, one of our cats jumped up on the windowsill (yes the blinds were raised!).  Brian had an idea and went into the garage.  He came back with a range hood vent, which consisted of a long flute, and each piece fit into the other.  Brian put this on the windowsill and the cat jumped in it.  Of course this was our first, very rough prototype--made out of metal, it was very heavy.
When we were ready to pursue this idea formally, we developed another rough prototype made out of a 12" tube that is used to make concrete pillars.  The construction of that prototype was heavy-duty cardboard.  This prototype was round, so it wasn't the right design.  Knowing that this product is something cat owners need we started investing our efforts into patent protection and the product design.  It has taken us a long time and we have learned a lot!  Our dream has finally come true and WindowKitty® is now available for sale!